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FBCCH Information Class

An FBCCH Information Class and New Member Orientation is held for all new and prospective members. This class is required for new persons who desire to join our fellowship. The class is typically held on a scheduled Sunday afternoon beginning at 4 p.m.  Any new member who has joined our fellowship and has not previosly attended the class is asked to attend. It is also open for any prospective new member who may be praying and contemplating membership at FBCCH. The class is designed for adults, couples, and/or families with children living at home who are in high school and older. Child care is provided by request for those attending and in need.

Contact Department

A Red Carpet Banquet is held at 6 p.m immediately following each scheduled information class.  This is a church-wide, covered-dish fellowship meal in honor of our new members. It's our way of offically welcoming you to our family of faith here at FBCCH.

Membership @ FBCCH

The Following are three ways to join FBCCH (as discussed in our Information Class):

  • By Baptism Immersion
  • By Letter
  • By Statement of Faith